January 27, 2011

posted by my hormones (hi ross!)

yani biliyorum, çok da mühim bi şey dediği yok ama günde en az iki kere seyrediyorum, facebook hesabımı kapatasım geliyor. bu bereden almak istiyorum. yarın akşam barbunya fasulyesi pişireceğim.

i know it's kind of lame and nothing revolutionary but i do watch this at least twice a day and it makes me want to get off facebook too. i should buy a hat like his. ("it's very hat" : personal joke sent to the universe, waiting for a respond from the only person that will actually get it) i will cook kidney beans for tomorrow night.

1 comment:

  1. his hat is very hat! if i was you i'd definitely get one, get those sad-looking eyes too and get off facebook. this guy is basically me ... in a way, y'know. minus the hat, plus the sad looking eyes that i got the day i left facebook. since then i've never been the same. "i hate facebook. if you use it more than an hour a day you should be mobilised to clean streets for useful work." (says that pop philosopher who probably makes way too much money to still be allowed to call himself a communist. by the way, slavoj žižek is on facebook too!)